Russia shells 6 communities in Sumy Oblast

Russian forces attacked six communities in Ukraine's Sumy Oblast on Nov. 20, causing 88 explosions throughout the day, the Sumy Oblast military administration reported.

Russia's military fired at least 13 times over the past 24 hours, targeting the communities of Bilopillia, Yunakivka, Khotin, Seredyna-Buda, Esman, and Shalyhyne.

No casualties or damage to civilian infrastructure were reported.

The Russian military targeted the communities with an onslaught of shelling, mortar and rocket attacks. The community of Shalyhyne, home to roughly 2,200 residents, suffered from artillery shelling the most with at least 30 explosions recorded. The town of Shalyhyne is located some eight kilometers west of the Russia-Ukraine border.

Shelling is a daily occurrence for the communities near Ukraine's northeastern border with Russia. Residents in the region's vulnerable border settlements experience multiple attacks per day.

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