Russia spreading fake stories about Ukrainian counter-offensive, says Ukrainian military

Ukrainian military near Bakhmut, May 30, 2023

The Russian propagandists plan to increase the spread of messages about the Ukrainian army’s actions to demoralize Ukrainians and mislead, in particular, the Russian population, the agency said.

“Russian propagandists will spread unreliable information about the counter-offensive, its directions and the Ukrainian army’s losses,” the StratCom report says.

“Even if there is no counter-offensive.”

For this, Russia has prepared old videos and photos showing damaged equipment, dead and captured Ukrainian soldiers, and other fake materials, StratCom warned, urging the public to take data only from Ukrainian official sources.

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced on June 5 a “large-scale offensive” by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on five front areas.

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The Russians cited data on alleged losses and claimed that the Ukrainian defenders had not achieved their goals.

Ukraine has said it will not comment officially on these statements.

Neither will Ukraine officially announce the beginning of the counter-offensive, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said previously.

However, Ukraine is now ready to launch itslong-expected counter-offensive, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on June 3.

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