Russia stockpiles missiles as deterrent to NATO, Ukraine says

Yuriy Ihnat
Yuriy Ihnat

Russia has begun to stockpile missiles to replenish its strategic reserve of nuclear-capable weapons, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on Dec. 4.

“They are not just accumulating missiles—they are restoring their strategic reserve,” said Ihnat.

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“Most of the missiles we are talking about are also carriers of tactical nuclear weapons.”

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Ihnat indicated these missiles represent a "critical reserve" that Russia needs in order to intimidate and deter NATO countries and "other enemies."

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The spokesperson added that Moscow still intends to carry out air strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, increasing production of guided missiles and kamikaze drones.

On Dec. 2, Ihnat reported that Russia has 1,500 combat aircraft and helicopters in its strategic aviation arsenal. Approximately 30 to 40 Russian warplanes have been deployed in Belarus.

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