Russia strikes hospital and mine in Donetsk Oblast, rescuers race to free possible survivors from rubble

Consequences of the Russian attack on Selydove in Donetsk region, November 15, 2023
Consequences of the Russian attack on Selydove in Donetsk region, November 15, 2023
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Russia launched four missiles at Donetsk Oblast, killing one person and wounding more, Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko reported on Telegram on Nov. 21.

The first two missiles hit the territory of a hospital in Selydove around 11.30 p.m. on Nov. 20, causing damage to two buildings. Six people sustained injuries, and there are concerns that more people may be trapped beneath the rubble of the damaged buildings. Search operations are ongoing.

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Shortly after, Russian forces launched two more strikes, damaging four buildings, 19 vehicles, and an electricity line, as well as killing one person.

A Russian missile struck a mine building of the Kotlyarevska mine, close to the hospital in Selydove.

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Thirty-nine miners were for a time trapped underground, but all have been successfully brought to the surface.

Earlier, on Nov. 15, Russia attacked a residential area of Selydove, destroying an entranceway to an apartment building with a missile.

Six people were killed and three were injured in that attack.

Selydove is about 40 kilometers to the northwest of the Russian-occupied Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

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