Russia suppressing Ukrainian language in occupied territories

Russians announce that Ukrainian language will no longer be taught in schools in the TOT starting next school year

Moscow-appointed heads of occupation administrations announced that starting from the next academic year, the Ukrainian language will no longer be taught in schools in occupied territories. Currently, school students spend 3 hours a week studying Ukrainian.

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“As always, the enemy presents this as an initiative coming from below, meaning that starting May 1, parents must write a statement saying they don’t wait for their child to study Ukrainian, and add these 3 hours to the study of (the) Russian (language),” says the report.

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According to the center, parents could technically opt out, but authorities are holding meetings to persuade them to do so. The invaders are threatening parents with “consequences” if they refuse to write the requests.

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“This is a typical model of ‘multinational Russia,’ where all conquered peoples are forcibly Russified and each ethnic group loses its identity,” the message says.

On March 14, Mariupol City Council reported that children in Mariupol were forced to raise the Russian flag and listen to the Russian national anthem.

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