Russian agents in Kyiv engaged in defence reconnaissance arrested

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The Security Service has arrested a group of agents "demothballed" by the Russian special services, which was conducting reconnaissance of Armed Forces of Ukraine positions around Kyiv, determining the locations of strategic facilities and attempting to promote Russian propaganda.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine press service

Quote: "Due to operational actions, 4 Russian agents have been detained. They were scouting out the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the locations of strategic facilities and were also calling on Ukrainians to support the occupiers."

Details: The activities of the group of agents were directed by Main Intelligence Directorate employees and separatists from the so-called LPR.

Saboteurs have been operating since the beginning of the Russian aggression. Among the group members, there was a clear distribution of areas of responsibility for the performance of tasks.

In particular, two agents scouted out the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the location of critical infrastructure facilities and collected the personal data of current and former Ukrainian military and law-enforcement officers.

Another agent, who turned out to be a former employee of the law-enforcement agencies of Donetsk Oblast, was responsible for propaganda, spreading messages of support for the occupiers. To "boost" propagandist content, he administered specialised Internet platforms, recruiting a programmer from Hostomel to do the "work".

Pro-Russian symbols, means of communication and electronic data carriers with evidence of criminal activities were found in the possession of the agents who were protected by the special services.

Reminder: On 30 June, the Security Service of Ukraine detained a Russian agent who had been collecting data about the positions of Ukrainian forces and the location of critical infrastructure in Chernihiv Oblast on the border with Russia.