Russian artillery relentlessly fires on Lysychansk, Russia attempts to blockade the city Luhansk Military Administration

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Russian occupying forces are continuing their attacks on Lysychansk from the Popasna [to the south of Lysychansk – ed.] direction. Much of the city’s housing and infrastructure have been damaged.

Source: Serhii Haidai, head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote from Haidai: "The Russians continue destroying houses and industrial and administrative buildings in Lysychansk, Vovchoiarivka, Loskutivka, and Verkhniokamianka. There’s not an hour when the enemy’s artillery is not firing.

The occupiers’ assault aircraft conducted airstrikes on Lysychansk and Vovchoiarivka on 26 June. Fighting continues in Vovchoiarivka.

The Russians attempted an attack in the vicinity of Verkhniokamianka, but were forced to retreat – not all of them were able to do so on their own two feet."

Details: According to Haidai, the city of Lysychansk has suffered a lot of damage. Whenever possible, its streets and buildings are searched for casualties.


At least five multi-storey apartment buildings were damaged; 10 apartments burned down in one of them. Six private houses were destroyed on one street alone.

Russian forces also fired on a bus station, St Mytrophan’s Church, the Church of the Holy Great Martyr Barbara, a private business, premises occupied by a border guard unit, and an administrative building.

Quote from Haidai: "They are trying to blockade the city from the south, in the meantime destroying everything that they can reach with their artillery and multiple launch rocket systems. We are continuing to hold Lysychansk’s defence."