Russian attack on Kyiv Oblast: death toll rises to 4

Search and rescue workers have uncovered the body of another victim from under the rubble of a school dormitory in the town of Rzhyshchiv, Kyiv Oblast. As of 10:00, the number of people killed by the overnight Russian drone attack has increased to four.

Source: Viktoriia Ruban, Spokesperson for the State Emergency Service in Kyiv Oblast, in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda

Quote from Ruban: "At 09:54, search and rescue workers discovered a man’s body. He was the fourth person killed."

Details: Ruban has pointed out that work is ongoing at the scene. Search and rescue workers are looking for more people who could be trapped under the rubble.


Photo: Andrii Nebytov, Chief of Kyiv Oblast National Police, on Telegram

Ruban clarified that there were no children among the casualties, all of them were adults.

Information about possible child casualties is being established.

Kyiv Oblast Police Head Andriy Nebytov later specified that the fourth victim was a 40-year-old driver who had not gone to a shelter during the air-raid.

Background: Earlier, it was reported that three people were killed and seven others injured in the overnight Russian attack on Kyiv Oblast, school dormitories were damaged, and four more people are being searched for under the rubble.

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