Russian authorities get ready to suppress protests against mobilisation


Russian law enforcement officers are getting prepared to suppress future protests against the conscription, reports the Chief Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defence Ministry.

Source: Chief Intelligence Directorate

Details: According to Ukrainian Intelligence, the Russian police is intensifying the training of new "special force" units in order to suppress the next anti-mobilisation protests.

Ukrainian Intelligence also reports that those conscripted in the Russian Federation lack sleeping places, food and uniforms, and they are experiencing wage arrears.

For example, as part of conscription activities, 6,000 people were supposed to be accommodated on the territory of the Omsk Tank Engineering Institute.

However, by 30 September, 9,000 conscripts actually arrived at the institute. It was reported that 2,000 more draftees would arrive by 1 October.

There are not enough sleeping places or toilets for everyone; soldiers get sick, but they are not administered any treatment.

Military commissioners are complaining about "significant difficulties in conducting mobilisation". According to them, "people turn off door entryphones and don't open doors." As a result, only 16 out of 170 call-up notices were handed over on 27 September, and 10 out of 180 on 28 September.


  • On 21 September, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilisation. Later, it turned out that a hidden 7th paragraph of the Russian President’s decree on partial mobilisation had allowed the mobilisation of 1 million people, mainly from villages.

  • Protest rallies against the war in Ukraine and the forced conscription of Russians have taken place in Russian cities; hundreds of people have been detained.

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