Russian Central Election Committee to consider possibility of holding presidential elections in Ukraine's occupied territories

Russian-installed sign indicated the entrance to occupied Melitopol
Russian-installed sign indicated the entrance to occupied Melitopol

The Russian Central Election Commission is contemplating holding presidential elections in Ukraine's occupied territories, requiring consultations with the Russian Ministry of Defense, the FSB, and local occupation officials, Russian Central Election Committee Ella Panfilova said on Dec. 7.

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"In the nearest future, no later than Dec. 12, a decision will need to be made regarding the possibility of holding elections in our united new regions, taking into account the imposition of martial law based on consultations with the FSB, Ministry of Defense, governors, and leaders of these regions," Panfilova said.

"Regulatory documents should also be adopted regarding the specifics of preparing for elections in such conditions."

According to the Russian Federation Council, the Central Election Committee of the Russian Federation should also prepare the procedure for accrediting international observers.

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It was previously reported that the next presidential election of the Russian Federation will be held on March 17, 2024.

According to Pamfilova, for the first time in modern Russian history, presidential elections "will take place in such a toxic geopolitical atmosphere." She failed to mention that Russia itself largely created this atmosphere.

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