New Russian conscripts given minimal training before conducting assaults in Kupyansk, says Ukraine

Captured Russian tank in Kupyansk, Kharkiv Oblast, October 15, 2022
Captured Russian tank in Kupyansk, Kharkiv Oblast, October 15, 2022

Freshly conscripted Russian soldiers have been appearing on the Kupyansk front and are being deployed alongside professional military personnel during assaults on Ukrainian positions, Nadia Zamryha, the spokesperson for the 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, revealed in an interview with Radio Svoboda on Dec. 6.

"It's confirmed that among the enemy servicemen, some individuals signed contracts as recently as the end of October 2023,” she said.

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“You can imagine the implications – individuals who picked up arms just two or three weeks ago are already on the front lines.”

According to Zamryha, the situation on the Kupyansk front remains challenging for Ukraine, though despite continued assaults by Russian forces, Ukrainian defenders have been able to hold the line.

Zamryha noted that the Russians are advancing numerically, without regard for the safety of its personnel.

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"For example, if they deploy up to 20 servicemen in one place during an attack, and during the repulsion of this assault, nearly 90% of the personnel remains on the battlefield, it does not deter them," Zamryha stated.

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