Russian deserters flee to Crimea through Arabat Spit intelligence

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In Kherson Oblast, Russians, tearing off their insignias, attempt to escape from the front to Crimea through the Arabat Spit.

Source: press service of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

Quote: "A group of deserters aged 18-20 has appeared in occupied Kalynivka, Kherson Oblast. They are dressed in Russian-style military uniforms, without insignia and hats."

Details: Armed with Kalashnikov rifles, the deserters ask people for food and water – one of them seems to be wounded. They came to the administrative border with Crimea only at night.

The main reason for desertion among Russian troops is significant losses. Deserters break through to the peninsula through the Arabat Spit, this route is considered "the safest" for them.

Reminder: On 30 June, it was reported that Russian troops attacked Ukrainian units in the recaptured settlements of Kherson Oblast, but that the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the attack. Afterwards, it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the village of Potomkyne in Kherson Oblast.