Russian forces accused of shooting surrendering Ukrainian soldiers — video

Clearing of the territory near Stepove by the Russian invaders
Clearing of the territory near Stepove by the Russian invaders

A video circulating online, captured by a reconnaissance drone, allegedly shows Russian troops shooting two unarmed Ukrainian military personnel who were attempting to surrender near Stepove on the Avdiivka front.

The incident reportedly took place as Russian occupiers infiltrated the positions of the 45th Separate Rifle Battalion in the Stepove area, Deep State monitoring group analysts said.

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The analysts said that the Ukrainian soldiers surrendered due to a lack of ammunition when the Russian forces discovered their dugout during a sweep.

The video footage shows that as a second Ukrainian serviceman emerged from a dugout, the Russian troops shot and apparently killed them.

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Official comments from both sides are pending, and the video’s authenticity remains officially unverified. The incident’s date has not been specified.

The act of shooting unarmed military personnel attempting to surrender constitutes a war crime. Russia has been consistently accused of violating international law and conventions in Ukraine since 2014, engaging in war crimes that target both military personnel and civilians.

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A UN report released on March 16 by an independent international commission further confirmed Russian war crimes, including attacks on civilians, systematic torture of prisoners, sexual assault, and murders in the occupied territories.

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