Russian forces attack Sumy Oblast over 75 times on Feb. 18

Russia fired over 75 shells at four communities in Sumy Oblast on Feb. 18, damaging multiple homes, some so severely that they are no longer liveable.

Located in Ukraine's northeast on the border with Russia, Sumy Oblast is subject to daily shelling and attacks by Russian troops located across the border.

The Sumy Oblast military administration said in a Facebook post that Russia shelled the Bilopillia district, damaging eight homes in the village of Ryzhivka, three of which were damaged so badly they are uninhabitable.

The military administration also recorded 15 attacks from mortars and machine guns in the Novoslobidska community, six attacks by artillery fire in the Khotinska community, and 11 mine attacks in the Putyvlska community. 

No casualties were reported.