Russian forces fire missiles from Belarus for first time since August


On the morning of 6 October, Russian aviation launched a missile attack on Ukraine from the territory of Belarus.

Source: Oleksii Hromov, Deputy Head of the Main Operational Directive of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; Yurii Ihnat, Spokesman for the Air Force, speaking to Ukrainska Pravda

Quote: "This morning, four of the aggressor country’s Tu-22 M3 strategic aircraft carried out an airstrike on the territory of Ukraine from the airspace of Belarus.

The last use of aircraft from this direction was on 28 August."

Details: Air Force Spokesman Yurii Ihnat explained to Ukrainska Pravda that it was an attack on Khmelnytskyi Oblast, which the occupying forces hit with Kh-22 missiles.

Previously: Russian troops launched a missile attack on the Shepetivka district in Khmelnytskyi Oblast on the morning of 6 October, during the air raid alert. One of the two missiles fell near an infrastructure target.

The other missile fell on wasteland.

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