Russian forces fire over 120 projectiles on Sumy Oblast

Russian forces attacked six locations in Sumy Oblast on 3 March, inflicting damage to buildings and civilian infrastructure and killing one civilian.

Source: Sumy Oblast Military Administration on Telegram

Quote: "[The Oblast was hit] 121 times with mortars, artillery, MLRS [multiple-launch rocket systems], UAVs armed with fragmentation grenades, a tank, and anti-tank guided missiles. Unfortunately, there are casualties and destruction."

Details: Russian forces attacked the Shalyhyne, Krasnopillia, Bilopillia, Esman, Hlukhiv and Yunakove hromadas. [A hromada is an administrative unit designating a city, town or village and its adjacent territories - ed.]

Russia forces likely deployed mortars to launch five bombs on the village of Starykove (Shalyhyne hromada) at 09:25. A local resident was killed in the attack. A power line was damaged in Starykove. At 15:50, the Russians launched another 15 mortar bombs on the village of Khodyne, damaging three residential buildings.

Russian forces deployed tubed artillery to fire eight rounds on the village of Kucherivka (Esman hromada) from the territory of the Russian Federation at 13:35. A private house was damaged in the attack.

The Russians deployed MLRS to fire 20 rockets on the hromada, and launched an additional 20 mortar bombs on its territory.

A Russian UAV dropped four fragmentation grenades on several villages in the Krasnopillia hromada at 09:40. Around the same time, the Russians fired two 120-mm anti-tank guided missiles on the hromada. Russian forces also deployed an anti-tank missile system located in Russia to attack the hromada.

Russian tanks fired on Bilopillia hromada (one strike). The hromada was also hit with 12 mortar-launched bombs, 16 tubed artillery projectiles, and eight self-propelled artillery projectiles.

Russian forces also deployed self-propelled artillery systems (nine strikes) and mortars (five strikes) to fire on the Yunakivka hromada.

The Hlukhiv hromada was hit with five mortar-launched bombs at 16:15.

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