Russian forces hit power lines supplying Kherson

On the morning of 27 November, Russian invaders hit the power lines that supply Kherson; power engineers managed to repair the grid in less than half an hour.

Source: Yaroslav Yanushevych, the Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote from Yanushevych: "Ruscists have just hit the power lines that supply the city. Khersonoblenergo [local division of the national power company – ed.] power engineers are working to repair these".

Details: Half an hour after that, the head of the Oblast Military Administration reported that Ukrainian power engineers are titans, because the power grids damaged by Russian attack were repaired in less than half an hour.

Yanushevych noted that the Kherson residents who were reconnected to the grid on 26 November had the electricity back on.

Power engineers also supplied energy through 150 kW high-voltage lines to connect electricity to new consumers.

Yanushevych noted that houses of Kherson residents started to be gradually reconnected to electricity supply on 26 November. As of the morning of 27 November, an estimated 5% of Kherson residents already had electricity in their houses.

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