Russian forces shell residential areas in Donetsk Oblast, leaving three civilians dead and 18 wounded

Consequences of Russian shelling in the Donetsk Oblast
Consequences of Russian shelling in the Donetsk Oblast

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Kyrylenko said the Russians used Smerch and Uragan heavy rockets to attack the city of Kramatorsk with cluster munitions – there, two civilians were killed and ten wounded. In addition, 76 houses, a high-rise building, two communal enterprises, a football arena, part of a State Emergency Service building and Bernatsky Park were damaged.

Kyrylenko said that in the Donetsk section of the front, the night was relatively quiet with occasional shellings of the community of Maryinka and one shelling of the town of Avdiyivka, resulting in damage to houses on three streets.

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Three artillery shells hit the town of Kostyantynivka in the Horlivka section of the front, followed by five volleys from Uragan rockets containing cluster munitions, resulting in one civilian death and five injuries. Twenty private homes, a high-rise building, a school, and a shop were damaged, while a house in Mykolaivka suffered partial destruction.

In Bakhmut, two civilians were injured, while three high-rise buildings and two houses were damaged, Kyrylenko said. Additionally, in Vasyukivka, Soledar community, four houses were reported to have been damaged.

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In the Lysychansk section of the front, shelling of Siversk and Serebryanka was recorded. Damage to houses was also reported.

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