Russian forces are using car tires to try and protect Tu-95 bombers

Russian forces are trying to protect Tu-95 turboprop strategic bombers with car tires at the Engels airfield in Saratov Oblast.

Source: Militarnyi portal with a link to a post by blogger Tatarigami_UA on Twitter

Details: A blogger published satellite images of Tu-95 strategic bombers covered in car tires.

As Militarnyi notes, this is likely to be an attempt to protect bombers from attacks by Ukrainian kamikaze drones.

Judging by satellite images, Russian force have covered the wings and central parts of the planes with tires.

"It is not known whether such protection will be effective, given the flammability of tires and the difficulty of extinguishing them," the portal adds.


  • On 5 December 2022, UAVs were used to attack the airbases of Dyagilevo in Ryazan Oblast and Engels in Saratov Oblast, where strategic bombers are located. Three aircraft were damaged: two Tu-95 and Tu-22m3 strategic bombers.

  • According to Vyorstka, a Russian media outlet, as of 30 August 2023 Ukrainian Security Services and Armed Forces could have carried out at least nine successful attacks on airbases in Russian regions, temporarily occupied Crimea and Belarus, and destroyed or damaged at least 24 aircraft since the beginning of the full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation.

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