Russian invaders preparing ‘media tour’ from Russia's Rostov to occupied cities in Ukraine

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Russia uses classic forms of hybrid warfare
Russia uses classic forms of hybrid warfare

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It is noted that the invaders are already using classic forms of hybrid warfare.

Russian and foreign media will reportedly visit Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, Skadovsk, and Armyansk to meet with the occupying authorities, as well as to see "evidence" that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly fire on civilians.

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According to the Command, the Russians are continuing to fake such incidents by leaving their positions in a village, withdrawing military equipment towards Ukrainian positions, and then fire on civilians.

"And then, returning to the village, they say that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine," reads the report.

Earlier Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate reported that the aggressor country was trying to attract foreign media to create fake news.

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