Russian invaders ready to put shrapnel into their bodies in order to flee Ukraine - SSU interception

OLENA ROSHCHINA - SATURDAY, 30 APRIL 2022, 15:00 Russian soldiers are so eager to flee the war in Ukraine that they are ready to put shrapnel into their bodies, according to conversations intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine. Source: Security Service of Ukraine Details: In one of intercepted conversation, a Russian soldier tells his girlfriend or wife that he is ready to break his arm or knock a piece of shrapnel into his leg with a "hammer" so that he would be sent home and will receive compensation for his injuries. The girl replies that then it would be better to shoot himself in the leg. The guy denies this: "I'd have to use a crossbow. That's impossible!". In another recording, a militant of the so-called "DPR" [self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic] says that the Russians are refusing en masse to go on the offensive near Chornobaivka, causing panic in various ranks of their allies from the occupied territories of Donetsk region.