Russian invaders shell Beryslav District in Kherson Oblast, hit residential, utility buildings

Consequences of shelling in the Kherson Oblast
Consequences of shelling in the Kherson Oblast

"The Russian army continues to attack the settlements of Beryslav District,” Litvinov wrote.

“Civil infrastructure, residential and utility buildings were damaged due to the enemy's shelling.”

Litvinov said the areas in and around Beryslav, Mylove and Tyahynka came under attack by the enemy. No casualties among civilians were reported.

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Russian invading forces shelled Kherson Oblast 19 times during Jan. 27, killing two and injuring another seven.

Russian forces have regularly attacked the part of Kherson Oblast on the western (right) bank of the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine since the area was liberated by Ukrainian forces in early November.

Earlier, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin falsely claimed that Russia had annexed Kherson Oblast, and parts of three other Ukrainian oblast, despite his invading army not being in full control of any of them.

Russia also claimed it had annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula in 2014, but this claim has only be accepted by a handful of the world’s rogue and pariah states.

Even Iran, which has sent its Shadhed flying bomb drones to Russia to aid the Kremlin in its attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, recently declared that it did not recognize Moscow’s illegal claims to Ukrainian territory – including its claim to have annexed Crimea.

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