Russian jets strike Kherson Oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine actively work on Zmiinyi (Snake) Island - Pivden [South] Operational Command

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Two Russian Su-35 fighters fired on Ukrainian troops in Kherson Oblast. Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are "actively working" on the territory of Zmiinyi (Snake) Island.

Source: Pivden [South] Operational Command with a comment from Vladyslav Nazarov, a spokesperson

Quote from Nazarov: "The situation in the area which falls under the ​​responsibility of the southern defence forces is difficult, but controlled.

2 missiles were launched on our positions in Kherson Oblast in the middle of the night by a pair of enemy Su-35 fighters, and at dawn, the enemy attacked positions in the Mykolaiv area with Tornados [multiple rocket launchers]. There are no fatalities.

Fighting continues in Kherson Oblast. Enemy units do not hesitate to shoot at each other in order to quickly get out from the zone of active action and write off the defeat of their colleagues on the Ukrainian military.

On Zmiinyi (Snake) Island, active military operations continued with the use of various forces and types of weapons. The results are being clarified."

Details: In the morning, Ukrainian air defence systems shot down a Russian drone on the outskirts of Mykolaiv.

Russians carried out heavy attacks on lands in the Bashtanka area of ​​Mykolaiv Oblast. No one was injured.

According to Nazarov, the humanitarian situation is difficult in almost all settlements on the Inhulets River: houses have been destroyed, and other industrial, social, and road infrastructure has been damaged. Russian troops have mined the river bank.

Due to stormy weather in the Black Sea, the main Russian ships are at Russian bases. 2 Russian missile ships with 16 missiles on board are located in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

Ukrainian intelligence records the activity of Russian search and rescue vessels in the area of ​​the Odesa gas condensate field. Nazarov stated that they were likely to evacuate staff due to the emergency.

A spokesperson of Pivden [South] Operational Command also said that a network of Ukrainian partisans was active in the occupied territories, as a result of which, Russian collaborators were increasing their security and preparing to flee to Crimea.