Russian Kinzhal missile manufacturers still not under EU sanctions — report

Hypersonic missile system X-47M2 Kinzhal
Hypersonic missile system X-47M2 Kinzhal

Subcontractors of Russian enterprises that produce Kinzhal hypersonic missiles have so far avoided European sanctions, allowing them to import necessary goods from various EU countries, Russian outlet The Insider reported on Oct. 25.

The Kinzhal air-launched missiles, based on Iskander ballistic missiles, are produced by Mashinostroyeniya Design Bureau (KBM) in Kolomna, which is part of the Rostec state corporation. The KBM is headed by 64-year-old Sergey Pitykov.

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According to data on the Russian state procurement website, KBM receives thermal chambers produced by the Moscow-based Ostek-Test, which continues to import equipment from Poland even during the war. Some of the shipments were made by Intertrans from Poland’s Siedlce.

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There are also many supplies coming from Germany. In particular, the lathe machines were supplied by KEB-Rus, a partner of the German company KEB Automation, an authorized supplier of components and a developer of control systems for process technology and related equipment. During the war, KEB-Rus also imports cables from Germany.

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Another Rostec subsidiary, the Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Devices, develos the "brains" for the Kinzhals. Its subcontractor is Radiant-EK, which also supplied integrated circuits directly to KBM. Radiant-EK imports coils and tapes for protective packaging of electronic components from Germany (Advantek Gmbh).

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