Russian major general killed in Ukraine after triggering mine

Russia has confirmed the death of Major General Vladimir Zavadsky in the war in Ukraine. He was blown up by a mine.

Source: Vazhnye Istorii (Important Stories), a Russian media outlet

Details: Zavadsky’s death was first reported on the Vkontakte social network by an organisation of alumni of the Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School. The message claims that Zavadsky died on 28 November.

Major General was deputy commander of the 14th Army Corps of the Russian Federation.

Zavadsky is said to have been blown up by a mine in the rear rather than on the front lines. The investigation into his death is considering the theory that he triggered a mine that had been set up by a nearby Russian unit to counter Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage groups. At the same time, an attempt is also being made to attribute Zavadsky's death to an artillery strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to Vazhnye Istorii, this is the 12th announcement of the death of a senior Russian Armed Forces officer in Ukraine. Only seven of these, including Zavadsky, have had their deaths confirmed by Russia.

Background: The highest-ranking officer of the Russian Armed Forces to have been killed in the war in Ukraine is Lieutenant General Oleg Tsokov, the deputy commander of Russia’s Southern Military District. He was killed last summer in Berdiansk, presumably during a strike on the command post of the 58th Army.

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