Russian media: Massive fire breaks out at Kotovsk gunpowder plant

A massive fire broke out at a gunpowder plant in Kotovsk, a town in Russia's Tambov Oblast, Russian media outlets reported on Nov. 10.

Local residents said they heard an explosion before the fire erupted at the factory.

The fire burned an area of over 300 meters. Russian media claimed the fire was extinguished after an hour and a half.

No casualties were reported.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

A fire at the Kotovsk gunpowder plant in June killed four people and injured 12 others. The regional governor later attributed the fire to human error, and claimed it was not caused by an attack.

The plant manufactures ammunition for the Russian army, including gunpowder for small arms cartridges. It is one of the largest industrial facilities in Russia.

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