Russian missile strike on Russian Orthodox monastery in Odesa Oblast was deliberate, claims Bratchuk

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The monastery was deliberately targeted by the Russians
The monastery was deliberately targeted by the Russians

Three Kh-59 missiles were launched by Su-35 jets over the Black Sea, the military said, with two of them being intercepted. The non-intercepted missile struck a three-story building belonging to the monastery, injuring four people, with one requiring hospitalization, the military added.

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According to Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesperson for the Odesa Oblast Military Administration, the monastery was deliberately targeted by the Russians.

The Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, also known as the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate, is the Ukrainian branch of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Church has been accused of collaboration with Moscow, with numerous church clergy arrested for treason and cooperation with Russian occupation authorities.

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ROC head Vladimir Gundyayev has called the unprovoked full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine a holy war, blessing Russian soldiers and claimingthat they will be “cleansed of sin” if they die while invading Ukraine.

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