Russian Navy mine hunter reportedly explodes in bay at Russian-occupied Sevastopol

Russian boat Vladimir Kozitsky
Russian boat Vladimir Kozitsky

A large hydrographic boat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Vladimir Kozitsky, designed to search for sea mines, has exploded in occupied Sevastopol, the Telegram channel Crimean Wind reported on Oct. 27, citing witnesses.

The vessel suddenly exploded on the outer parts of Sevastopol Bay, where it had been slowly "cruising around" for the past few days.

"Smoke was reportedly pouring out of the engine room," Crimean Wind writes.

“A tugboat was driven to the ‘smoking’ ship and dragged it towards Striletska Bay.”

On Oct. 26, social media users reported "powerful vibrations" in buildings in the north of Sevastopol, but without the sound of an explosion.

The Vladimir Kozitsky is a new boat of the 23040 G project that joined the Russian Black Sea Fleet in 2021. Its key purpose is high-precision area surveying of the bottom topography to support navigational nautical charts and maintenance of medium-sized vessels with navigation equipment.

On Oct. 13, NV's sources in Ukraine’s SBU security service reported that the agency, together with the navy, attacked the Russian cruise missile carrier Buyan and the ship Pavel Derzhavin near Sevastopol using an experimental surface drone called the Sea Baby.

The navy later clarified that there was no confirmation of damage to the Buyan-M.

However, damage was confirmed to the tugboat Nikolai Muru.

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