Russian occupation authorities bring young people to Kherson to paint over Ukrainian symbols Military Administration

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Russian occupation authorities are bringing people to Kherson to paint over Ukrainian symbols as local residents continue to put up resistance against the occupiers.

Source: Kherson Oblast Military Administration in a report

Quote from the Kherson Oblast Military Administration: "Residents of [Kherson] Oblast are continuing to demonstrate their pro-Ukrainian position. The Russians are forced to bring young people from other regions in order to paint over Ukrainian symbols in the occupied Kherson."

Details: Meanwhile, the residents of Kherson Oblast have had no access to Ukrainian phone networks, internet or television.

Over the course of Thursday, 18 August, hostilities took place across most of Kherson Oblast.

Anti-personnel fragmentation mines have been found in the liberated territories of the oblast; these mines might injure a person without actually touching the mine.

Russian forces have planted mines in many of hromadas [amalgamated territorial communities] in Kherson Oblast. The situation remains particularly tense in the villages situated on the administrative border with other Ukrainian oblasts and those on the river Inhulets.

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