Russian occupiers in Mariupol prepare to "nationalise" abandoned property

Russian occupation forces in Mariupol are putting together lists of abandoned property in order to "nationalise" it in the long run.

Source: National Resistance Center

Quote: "In the temporarily occupied city of Mariupol, the Russians are starting to put together lists of properties that have been abandoned by their owners due to the occupation.

These properties are listed by the enemy as ‘vacant’ and added to a corresponding register. If the owners are not found within a year, it is transferred to municipal ownership."

Details: The National Resistance Center reiterated that the decisions made by the occupying forces with regard to the "nationalisation" of Ukrainian property have no legal standing.

Background: The Russians have begun to register "notary offices" in the occupied territories, which they need to "legalise" the seizing of the property belonging to local residents.

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