Russian Project 1241 Molniya-1 missile ships return to Russian-occupied Sevastopol

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Four Russian Project 1241 Molniya-1 missile corvettes with missing hull numbers from the 295th Sulina Missile Boats Battalion are on standby in Sevastopol’s Karantinnaya [Quarantine - ed.] Bay.

Source: Krym.Realii [Crimea Reality - ed.]

Details: The following missile ships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet are currently in operation: Naberezhnye Chelny (hull number 953), Ivanovets (954), R-60 (955). According to official information, Shuya (962) is currently not in operation.

Earlier, it was reported that one of the Project 1241 ships was undergoing repairs at the 13th Ship Repair Plant of the Black Sea Fleet in the Bay of Kilen.

Since the beginning of its full-scale military invasion in Ukraine, Russia has been painting over the hull numbers of all of its ships in order to make their identification more difficult.

Project 1241 Molniya [Lightning - ed.] missile corvettes (NATO reporting name Tarantul) comprise a number of Soviet- and Russian-built missile ships built in the Soviet Union and then the Russian Federation in 1979-1996. Molniya missile corvettes that form part of the Black Sea fleet were built in 1981-1989.

Project 1241 ships are designed to destroy warships, transport and amphibious vehicles, and to reinforce the air defence capabilities of groupings of ships.