Russian propagandists suggest prosecuting emigrants for criticising authorities and promote bringing back executions to Russia

In a programme on Russian television, Russian propagandists Margarita Simonyan and Vladimir Solovyov suggested prosecuting Russian emigrants for criticizing the authorities under the article on treason and bringing back the death penalty by firing squads in Russia.

Source: Russian news outlet Agentstvo, citing the programme called Evenings with Vladimir Solovyov

Quote from Simonyan: "In general, these people should be convicted under the "treason" article, which is in the Criminal Code. And we talked about this before the special military operation [as Russia calls the war against Ukraine – ed.].

And it is still unclear to me why they have not been brought to justice under this article in due time, when everyone knows that every day, they do exactly what is the essence, letter and spirit of this article."

Details: Solovyov supported Simonyan's idea.

He also complained that the government is not seizing the property of people who left the Russian Federation.

In addition, Solovyov said that "at some point" Russia will have to bring back the executions by firing squads.

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