Russian rockets hit central Kharkiv Kharkiv Mayor

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Russian forces targeted central Kharkiv in a rocket attack on the night of 26-27 August. [It is as yet unclear whether the Russians used missiles or rockets in this attack as both are denoted by the same Ukrainian word, raketa - ed.]

Source: Ihor Terekhov, Mayor of Kharkiv, on Telegram

Quote from Terekhov: "A rocket attack on Kharkiv [took place overnight]. The city’s central neighbourhoods were hit, in particular the Osnovianskyi and Kyivskyi districts. Early reports indicate there are no casualties or fatalities."

Update: Terekhov later clarified the aftermath of the Russian rocket strike.

In particular, a historical building, the house of the merchant Adam Piotrovsky, which was restored several years ago, was damaged.

So was a school in central Kharkiv.

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