Russian spy found dead at Berlin embassy: report

German media are reporting that a man was found dead in the street outside the Russian embassy in Berlin last month, who turned out to be an undercover Russian spy, and is said to have fallen from an upper floor of the building.

That's according to the Der Spiegel newspaper, citing sources in Germany's security services, and that specifically he was 35-years-old and officially listed as a diplomat and embassy secretary - but was actually a member of Moscow's FSB intelligence agency.

It's not clear what caused his death or how he'd fallen, and the Russian embassy has not agreed to an autopsy, according to Der Spiegel.

He's also said to be related, through family, to a senior officer in a counter-terrorism section at the FSB.

The embassy has reportedly called the incident a, quote, "tragic accident" but won't comment further for what it calls "ethical reasons".

Germany's foreign ministry has said it's aware of the death of a diplomat but is also declining to comment further, and prosecutors would neither confirm nor deny the report.

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