Update: Russian strike on Dnipro kills 5, injures 39, including 7 children

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Governor Valentyn Reznichenko reported that the casualty toll had grown in the Russian missile strike on a residential building in Dnipro city on Jan. 14.

The strike on a nine-story apartment building killed at least five people, and injured 39, the official said.

Seven children, including a three-year-old, are among the wounded, according to Reznichenko. One of the injured children is in critical condition, he said.

The building was hit during Russia's 10th mass missile strike against Ukraine's critical infrastructure. The attack damaged energy facilities in six Ukrainian oblasts, according to the Energy Ministry, causing emergency power cut-offs.

Russia has repeatedly attacked Ukraine's critical infrastructure with hundreds of missiles and drones since Oct. 10, killing dozens of civilians and severely damaging the country's energy system.

Russia admitted that Ukraine's energy infrastructure is among its primary targets. According to the Geneva Conventions, targeting vital public infrastructure constitutes a war crime.