Russian strike on Dnipro space plant kills three

STORY: Regional governor Valentyn Reznychenko said on his Facebook page the rockets hit an industrial plant and a busy street next to it.

Dnipro's Yuzhmash plant builds spacecraft, launch rockets, tractors, tools, and industrial products.

Russia's defense ministry said in a statement on Saturday that Russian armed forces destroyed a factory in Dnipro that produced parts for Tochka-U ballistic missiles.

“A rocket landed just in front of my window, one or two meters to the side and I wouldn't be here," local resident Klavida said.

While the focus of the war, now in its fifth month, has moved to Ukraine's eastern Donbas region, Russia forces have been striking cities elsewhere in the country with missiles and rockets in what has become an increasingly attritional conflict.

Ukraine's defense ministry spokesperson said on Friday (July 15) that only 30% of Russian strikes were hitting military targets, with the rest landing on civilian sites.

That assertion could not be verified by Reuters.