Russian strike on Mykolaivka of Donetsk Oblast: woman's body pulled up from under rubble


Rescuers have pulled up a body of a woman from under the rubble of a destroyed school in the town of Mykolaivka, Donetsk region, which was struck by the Russian invaders.

Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU) on Facebook

Quote from SESU: "Donetsk Oblast: rescuers have pulled up the body of a dead woman from the rubble of a partially destroyed school building in Mykolaivka".


Details: The Russian army attacked Mykolaivka on the morning of 28 September. As a result of the strike, the 3-story middle school building was partially destroyed (from the ground floor to the second floor).


During emergency rescue operations, the body of a deceased woman, born in 1959, was pulled up from under the rubble.


Rescuers dismantled 50 tons of structural elements of the building. As of 16:30 (Kyiv time), their work is done.

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