Russian UAVs targeting Poltava Oblast reached Kremenchuk

Russian drones were flying toward Poltava Oblast late in the evening on 1 November.

Source: Head of Poltava Oblast Military Administration Dmytro Lunin, Kremenchuk Mayor Vitalii Maletskyi

Quote by Dmytro Lunin: "UAVs are oming from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast direction to Poltava Oblast. Stay in shelter!"

Details: An air-raid siren was sounded in Poltava Oblast at 22:34. An air-raid siren was also sounded in neighbouring Sumy Oblast at 22:39.

Later, Kremenchuk Mayor Vitalii Maletskyi reported that the Russian military objectives had been spotted over the city.

Quote by Vitalii Maletskyi: "Enemy [military] objectives were detected over Kremenchuk! Stay in shelters! Air defence is operating!"

Background: On the night of 1 November, 10 Shahed kamikaze drones attacked Poltava Oblast. Six of them were shot down. However, four of them hit civilian infrastructure facilities. Dmytro Lunin stated that the firefighters of the State Emergency Service managed to salvage a lot of property.

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