Russian and Ukrainian representatives meet in Turkey

Lubinets said that this was probably the first time the Russian side had come up with some workable proposals on humanitarian questions.

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“There is no breakthrough, but at least some technical work got done,” he said.

“We are exchanging (POW and MIA) lists, information. The issue of the missing people was in focus. There is positive news – our citizens and heroes, who were considered dead, were confirmed alive by the Russian side – 23 of our guys. This is great news.”

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Lubinets said they also discussed the issue of Ukrainian civilians held captive by Russia since 2014. The Kremlin's separate list of political prisoners includes 158 Ukrainians, most of whom are Crimean Tatars.

He added that according to various reports Russia has detained up to 20,000 civilians on Ukrainian territory since Feb. 24.

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The ombudsman stressed that this is probably the first time Russia has agreed to exchange missing persons lists and report where Ukrainian citizens are now and what their condition is.

"We discussed several options for their return," Lubinets added.

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