Russians use new 1.5 ton gliding bombs against Ukraine

A few weeks ago, Russian troops used a new and rather dangerous weapon against Ukraine for the first time – UPAB-1500B (index K029B) 1,500 kg gliding bombs.

Source: Defense Express citing its sources

Details: The first use of this type of bombs was recorded a few weeks ago against one of the objects in Chernihiv Oblast. According to the media outlet, one of the fragments had remnants of a marking that corresponds to UPAB-1500B.

The export version of this gliding munition with the index K029BE was first demonstrated at the MAKS 2019 exhibition by the developer GNPP "Region", which is part of the Tactical Armaments corporation.

At the same time, it was reported that this bomb had already been tested, put into service with the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, and received the first export orders.

"The high threat of using the UPAB-1500B lies in the fact that it is a glider type, is equipped with an inertial and satellite navigation system and has a warhead weighing 1,010kg, designed to hit highly protected objects. It is declared that the bomb can be dropped 40km from the target, for which the carrier must rise to a height of 14km," the publication writes.

In addition, GNPP "Region" also demonstrated a smaller calibre UPAB-500V ammunition (index K08B), which is a smaller copy of UPAB-1500B, and weighs 505kg, 390kg of which is the warhead, while preserving other features.

At the same time, the media outlet notes that the use of gliding bombs by the Russian Federation remains an isolated phenomenon. Ensuring a long flight range requires flying at a significant altitude, which simplifies the identification of targets and the possibility of defeating the carrier.

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