Russians carry out rotation, handing draft letters to residents of captured cities of Luhansk Oblast

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The occupiers began to establish their rules in captured Severodonetsk and Lysychansk
The occupiers began to establish their rules in captured Severodonetsk and Lysychansk

“The faith in the Russian 'liberators' was short-lived among those who purposefully stayed in the Luhansk Oblast,” Hayday said.

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“Russians have already equated the capture of Luhansk Oblast with victory in World War II, even though they never reached the border of the Luhansk Oblast."

According to the governor, now, the invading forces are carrying out rotations using locals.

"How do they do it? A man is invited to work, for example, in a water utility, and a few days later instead of the first salary, he receives a draft letter. His “new motherland” calls for him,” Hayday added.

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Hayday noted that the occupiers have been trying to suppress the resistance of the Ukrainian military at the expense of the citizens of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk in order to complete at least some military tasks.

“We expect another reinforcement of their troops,” says Hayday. “They are not able to fight on equal terms, they are not able to use the fivefold advantage either. When the advantage is tenfold and it is allowed to wipe out large cities from the face of the earth, then they manage to achieve something.”

On July 3, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that after heavy fighting for Lysychansk, the Ukrainian Defense Forces had to withdraw from their positions. They explained that considering the multiple advantages of the Russian invaders in artillery, air force, multiple launch rocket systems, ammunition, and the number of troops, that further defense of the city would have led to fatal consequences.

Russian invaders still haven’t achieved 100% control of the Luhansk Oblast.

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In four months of fighting, the Russian troops were able to advance 30 kilometers in the region.