Russians claim drones downed over several Russian oblasts

The Russian Defence Ministry has claimed drones were downed over the Bryansk, Oryol, Kaluga and Ryazan oblasts on the night of 29-30 August.

Source: Russian Defence Ministry; Mash Telegram channel

Quote: "On the night of 29-30 August, we stopped an attempt by the Kyiv regime to conduct a terrorist attack using aircraft-type UAVs to attack targets in the territory of Russia."

Details: The Russian Defence Ministry claimed that "three Ukrainian UAVs were downed over the territory of Bryansk Oblast and another UAV over the territory of Oryol Oblast" by air defence systems.

Mash Telegram channel reported that one of the UAVs downed over Bryansk fell on the Kremniy EL factory, which on the list of the largest Russian microelectronics businesses.

Preliminary reports from Mash indicated that damage was caused, so an ambulance and the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations are working at the scene.

Background: Four Il-76 aircraft were damaged at a military airfield in Russia’s Pskov as a result of a drone attack.

Update: Later, the Russian Defence Ministry reported the downing of a drone over Kaluga and Ryazan oblasts

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