Russians collect only officers bodies from battlefield


The Ukrainian military have received another confirmation that Russian invaders only collect bodies of their officers from battlefields.

Source: press service of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Details: Border guards reported that during the September counteroffensive on Donetsk front, in the vicinities of Sviatohirsk, their colleagues found Russian officer’s cap with the signature "senior lieutenant Sanzhiev S.B."; it lay on the ground at an abandoned firing position, among the garbage and burned equipment.

It is noted that the owner of this accessory turned out to be a rare specimen, whose death was recognised in the Russian Federation.

In particular, on 15 September, the media and social networks in the Republic of Kalmykia reported on the farewell with Senior Lieutenant Sanan Basangovich Sanzhiev, with city and district officials taking part in the ceremony. He was a Deputy Political Officer of a company of Russian paratroopers.

At the same time, according to State Border Guards, the rest of the dead people, apparently those of lower ranks, remain on Ukrainian soil.

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