Russians could have used "Shmiel" flamethrowers in Olenivka Azov regiment

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To kill the Ukrainian defenders in Olenivka, Donetsk region, the occupiers could have used the "Shmiel" [Bumblebee – ed] rocket-propelled infantry flamethrowers. They quickly burn the oxygen, and a person burns up in a matter of seconds.

Source: acting commander of "Azov" Major Mykyta Nadtochii (call sign "Raz-Dva") in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda

Nadtochii’s quote: "I'm more inclined to the fact that simply... the so-called "Bumblebee" was used. It works like that. That is, oxygen is completely burned out in a second, and a person burns in a matter of seconds.

I do not consider any other points that Russia tried to publish in the first days and somehow impose an opinion. This is out of the question. This simply cannot be. It can be seen that, most likely, the "Bumblebees" were used. Just a planned action. This is evidenced by the fact that not a single worker of the colony was injured there. That couldn’t have happened, either".

Details: According to Nadtochii, he found out about the tragedy a little earlier than the mass media wrote about it.

The day before that [Thursday, July 28 - ed.] at half past twelve at night, the boys from there called him and informed him that they were "working on them". "Once or twice" he immediately called "certain authorities" who might have known something about this shelling. And they later called back and said that no one opened fire; none of the artillery brigades received coordinate data for practice.

In the morning, according to Nadtochii, the same guys called. They confirmed that there were people killed and wounded in action, but then they themselves began to doubt that these were exactly the artillery strikes.

"That is, most likely, they just heard bangs, an explosion, and then they saw through the windows that something was on fire somewhere. You saw the video - there are buildings nearby, standing, they stand with windows. It doesn't happen like that. The blast wave from a projectile or rocket does not leave windows when the buildings are so close," concluded the acting commander of "Azov" regiment.

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