Russians demand that Luhansk 'governors' speed up mobilisation

Local puppet 'governors' in Luhansk Oblast have been issued an ultimatum by their Russian handlers in view of the failing mobilisation and poor logistical support for the Russian army in the temporarily occupied territories of the oblast.

Source: National Resistance Center 

Quote: "The occupiers have issued an ultimatum to the gauleiters [a German term for 'governor' dating back to WWII, now used in Ukraine as a synonym for collaborationist] of the temporarily occupied territories of the Luhansk region: either the Russian Federation proceeds to the administrative borders of the region as of 1 April, or there will be 'personnel decisions'.

The cause of their dissatisfaction is the failure of the mobilisation and logistical support for the enemy’s army in this area. The Kremlin blames the collaborators for these setbacks."

Details: The collaborators have launched a new wave of mobilisation in the region to satisfy their Moscow-based handlers and hang onto their jobs.

The National Resistance Center noted that after Ukrainian territories are liberated, traitors are of no further use to the Kremlin and usually suffer the same fate as Kirill Stremousov [a Kherson gauleiter who died in an apparent car crash near Henichesk (Kherson Oblast) on 9 November 2022, hours after Russia's official retreat from the city of Kherson – ed.].

The National Resistance Center is calling on internally displaced people and residents of frontline areas who have relatives in the temporarily occupied territories to share the information about [the likelihood of] "mobilisation" into the occupation forces.

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