Russians deploy Kalibr carriers in Black Sea

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There are 12 Russian Federation warships on combat duty in the Black Sea, including two carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles.

Source: Operational Command South on Facebook

Details: As of 16:00, the number of Russian ships in the Black Sea has reportedly almost doubled.

The number of missile carriers has also increased. There are two surface ships on combat duty that can carry up to 16 Kalibr cruise missiles.

According to Operational Command South, the threat of missile strikes is severe.

Previously: On the evening of 20 March, Russian cruise missiles were destroyed as they were being transported by rail in Russian-occupied Dzhankoi in the north of Crimea.

Reference: Kalibr cruise missiles are designed to be launched from surface ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Their range is over 2,500 kilometres for ground targets and 375 kilometres for sea targets.

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