Russians, Djokovic welcome at Australian Open

STORY: Tennis authorities banned Russian and Belarusian players from international team competitions earlier this year but allowed them to compete at regular tour events.

The French Open and U.S. Open Grand Slams allowed them to compete as neutrals, though Wimbledon imposed an outright ban.

Tiley said nine-times Australian Open champion Djokovic would also be eligible if he is able to overturn a visa ban as part of his deportation in January.

The Serbian is barred from re-entering until 2025 due to his vaccination status, though the Australian government can waive the ban at its discretion.

Tiley said he had not had any contact with the government about Djokovic and that Australian Open organizers could not lobby on the Serb's behalf.

"It's not a matter we can lobby on. It's a matter that definitely stays between the two of them and then depending on the outcome of that we would welcome him to the Australian Open," he said.