Russians hit village council in Kherson Oblast with missile, killing civilian

On 26 January, Russian occupiers launched a missile strike on the building of Kochubeyivka Village Council in Kherson Oblast. One person has been killed and four more wounded, including the head of the amalgamated territorial community, as a result of an attack.

Source: Oleksandr Vilkul, Head of Kryvyi Rih City Military Administration

Quote: "During the missile attack, the occupiers hit the building of the Kochubeyivka Village Council with a missile. They probably thought it was a military target there.

One employee, a man born in 1969, was killed, four were injured and have already been evacuated to Kryvyi Rih hospitals."

Details: Lyudmila Kostiuk, head of the Kochubeyivka amalgamated territorial community, is among the injured. Vilkul said that doctors are fighting for her life.


Corrected: Earlier in the news, it was reported that the village council is located in the Kryvyi Rih district of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

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