Russians hits Kharkiv with 3 missiles, the fourth explodes in Russia Head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration


On 31 August, the Russian military struck Kharkiv with three missiles launched from Belgorod; another exploded on Russian territory.

Source: Oleg Syniehubov, the Head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration on Telegram

Quote from Syniehubov: "Around midnight, three missiles were launched from Belgorod in the direction of Kharkiv. One of them exploded on the territory of the Russian Federation, another one [exploded] in the air over the territory of the Shevchenko District of Kharkiv."

Details: The last rocket, according to the head of the Oblast Military Administration, hit the area near an educational institution in the Kyiv district; residential buildings and office premises were damaged, fires occurred, and two women (81 and 71 years old) were injured.

Active military operations continue on the line of contact. Russian forces use tubed and rocket artillery, as well as aircraft to attack positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to Syniehubov, Ukrainian defenders are repelling Russian efforts, neutralising their personnel and equipment.


  • On the morning of 31 August, Vyacheslav Gladkov, Governor of Belgorod Oblast, reported that several explosions rang out in Belgorod; he said air defence systems were activated.

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