Russians increase reconnaissance drone launches from the Black Sea, ‘may be spying ahead of big attack’

Black Sea
Black Sea

Presumably, the enemy is gathering information in preparation for another attack on Ukraine, she said.

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“The adversary is collecting maximum information, and has activated unmanned reconnaissance vehicles, which we are quite effectively shooting down,” Humeniuk said.

“But we see that more and more of them are appearing from the waters of the Black Sea, they are aimed at Mykolaiv and Odesa oblasts.”

The Russians gravitate to certain dates, and February is a symbolic month for the occupiers, which means they may be preparing a new strike, the spokesperson added.

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“Today’s air raid alarm, which was all over the territory of Ukraine due to the take-off, in particular, of reconnaissance aircraft, is a confirmation of that. Information is being collected, preparations are being made,” Humeniuk added.

Meanwhile, due to a storm on the Black Sea, the Russian naval group has returned to base, and there are no missile launchers now deployed there.

On Feb. 3, the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported about nine enemy ships on combat duty in the Black Sea. The Russians also kept one vessel in the Sea of Azov, and 10 in the Mediterranean.

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